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Ijara MCAs condemns hacking of cattle legs in Lamu 


A section of MCAs from Ijara Sub-county have condemned last week’s incident in which a herd of cattle belonging to pastoralists from the area had their legs chopped off by people allegedly from Hindi in Lamu West Constituency.

The incident follows the slitting of throats of four people from Hindi by suspected Al-Shabaab militants.

The locals accused the pastoralists of harboring the members of the Somali based terror group.


Speaking to the press in Garissa town Monday, MCAs Irshad Holowle (Ijara), Adow Mohamed (Holugho) and Abdullahi Mohamed (Sanagailu) accused a section of politicians from Lamu who urged all pastoralists living in the area to leave accusing them of sympathizing with Al-Shabaab militants.


“It’s unfortunate to see responsible leaders spit out utterances meant to compromise peace and co-existence of communities. We condemn these utterances with the strongest words possible,” Irshad said.


“Pastoralists value their livestock. This act, we are sorry to say, could be a recipe for a major conflict,” he added.

The leaders urged the Lamu County Commissioner to reconcile the communities instead of using threats to evict herders from Garissa, Tana River and Wajir counties grazing in Boni Forest.


“We will not seat back as leaders and watch our people who are seeking pasture and water for their animals being profiled as Al-Shabaab sympathizers. This is not the first time the herders are grazing their animals in the forest. They are victims of the circumstances,” Irshad said.


Irshad demanded that security be provided to the pastoralists, saying that just any other Kenyan they are entitled to security.


Lamu County has borne the brunt of suspected Al-Shabaab activities that have left scores of people killed, others injured and property worth million of shillings destroyed in the past few years.


There have been accusations and counter accusations from the local leadership and the residents with some blaming the government for doing little to end the runaway insecurity.


By Jacob Songok



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