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KANU Trans Nzoia branch to skip primaries 

Nominated Senator Zipporah Kittony signs documents in which party aspirants reached consensus to support one of them at Sirwo Resort in Kitale town Thursday.

KANU party aspirants are gearing up for consensus that will herald “negotiated democracy” to avoid holding bruising party primaries.

By Thursday evening, more than 12 aspirants had shelved their bids in support of one of their opponents in a hotly debated meeting.

Nominated Senator Zipporah Kittony who is chairing the meetings of aspirants in the party said in Kitale that the deliberations were friendly and mature.

“We are still convening meetings till we reach consensus with all aspirants to avoid holding primaries,” she said pointing out that the move by the party was aimed at strengthening it and prepare the candidates for a tough competition with their competitors from other parties.

“The party is mature and very vibrant and we are warning other parties to brace themselves for a bruising battle during this year’s election,” she added.

The senator noted that the party will field candidates in all seats within the County except that of Governorship. “We shall be fielding more candidates in future even to that of governorship,” she promised.

Kittony also said that the party is supporting the reelection of President Uhuru Kenyatta and urged the electorate to maintain peace during this electioneering period.

By Moses Wekesa

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