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Kenya National Library Services launches E-readers Technology 

The  Thika  West  Deputy  County  Commissioner, Tom  Anjere (2nd right), Thika Sub-County Director of Education, Ronald Mbogo (second left ) accompanied by Thika Librarian, Miriam Mureithi (right) and Senior Librarian from Nairobi, Carolyn Kayoro holding E-readers during the official launch of the gadget at the Thika Library on Tuesday March  28, 2017. Photo by  Lucy  Wangai/KNA.

The Kenya National Library Services (KNLS) in conjunction with World Reader Organisation (WRO) has launched digital reading technology to boost education at the grassroots level.

Nairobi Branch Senior Librarian, Carolyn Kayoro said that KNLS has partnered with WRO to equip all the 61 libraries countrywide with the gadgets that would ensure that learners accessed a variety of books of different genre without incurring the cost of purchasing.

Kayoro was speaking at the Thika Library during the official launch of E-readers technology on Tuesday.

“Thika Library has been equipped with 3, 000 E-reader devices each with 200 books to serve the entire Kiambu County. The devices are currently serving nearly all schools within Kiambu region with the help of already trained personnel,” she said.

Kayoro further called upon other partners to join the movement to help extend and improve the E-reader content since each device could hold up to 1, 500 books.

“It costs money to add content to the E-reader but with more volunteers donating content, it’s up to the teachers to share with the librarians the content they would want added into the E-reader to make it more interactive,” she observed.

Speaking during the same function, Thika Librarian, Miriam Mureithi explained that the role of KNLS was to promote literacy and to that end, the library stocks books targeting the user needs.

“We do not discriminate our customers in any way and therefore, we have ensured our content cuts across the divide,” she said.

She pointed out that some of their strategic partners who included London Based Book Aid International (BAI) Canada based Digital Opportunity Trust (DOT) and WRO, the KNLS want to empower the youth with IT and entrepreneurial skills and provide readers with outreach library services.

Sub-County Director of Education, Ronald Mbogo stressed on the importance of digital devices which he said exposed readers to diversified approach of literacy making it globally accessible.

While commending KNLS for embracing modern technology, area Deputy County Commissioner, Tom  Anjere encouraged students to use technology responsibly and ensure that they were only outsourcing the helpful content to achieve their academic goals.

“Technology has no limitations in terms of content. It is therefore your responsibility to feed your minds with that which will add value into your lives,” he concluded.

The 61 KNLS branches are equipped with various books ranging from storybooks, course workbooks, novels, motivational books among other genres.

By  Lucy  Wangai

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