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Learning cycle partnership 

An  international NGO has partnered with the Kenya National Library Service (KNLS) to offer learning coursers for school dropouts and those who cannot afford tertiary education.

The  Coordinator of the training dubbed peer to peer at the Nakuru Branch Library, Josek Olala, said the Learning Cycle NGO (LCN), is based in the USA and they are encouraging libraries to be the center of learning for communities.

He  said the LCN was managing the trainings worldwide through the assistance of Electronic Information for Libraries (EIO), which offers free internet connection and computer training programs.

The Coordinator  was  speaking to KNA at the library  on Monday morning.

Olala  said some of the courses offered in the peer to peer training include community journalism, website designing, public speaking skills, job interview skills, and resume writing.

He said the short courses are offered by locals and international volunteers who purpose to impact their knowledge to the less fortunate members in the society.

The international volunteers offer their skills through virtual learning, at designated times. “The learners are advised to be in attendance at those times,” he added.

He said libraries should not be just a place to borrow books, seat and read alone, but should be the epitome centers of learning for the communities where they are situated.

The Coordinator said the peer to peer learning program has attracted a lot of senior citizens who have learnt computer skills and they are now able to file their KRA returns on their own.

By  Veronica  Bosibori

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