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Malindi cultural festival to kick off Friday 

Traditional dancers entertain festival goers and cultural enthusiasts at the museum seafront in Malindi at a past cultural event.

The 8th edition of the annual Malindi multi-cultural extravaganza kicks off on Friday with traditional dance, music performances and acrobatic displays.

The four-day annual event to celebrate and showcase the rich Swahili culture and heritage usually occurs during the Easter holiday.

The festival is expected to attract local and international tourists who usually flock in during the Easter holidays to witness the diverse culture on display.

Among the activities lined up are trade exhibitions, dhow races, henna paintings, dance shows among other interesting activities.

It will feature a variety of traditional dances competitions and art/craft displays from the Swahili, Mijikenda, Pokomo,Kamba, Luo, Kikuyu and Orma communities.

The Kilifi county government and  National Museums of Kenya (NMK) are the main organisers of the event aimed at boosting the tourism sector.

NMK Director General Mzalendo Kibunjia said the cultural-cum-tourism festival is a stage to showcase the time-honoured Swahili culture and heritage.

‘The annual festival seeks to preserve the traditional culture and boost tourism numbers in the tourist resort town of Malindi,’ he said.

By Hussein Abdullahi

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