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Mumias factory operating below capacity 


The Managing Director of Mumias Sugar Company, Mr. Nahashon Ateka, is calling on farmers in the area to plant more cane to enable the factory crash cane to its full capacity.

Mr. Ateka said that the factory was facing an acute cane shortage and asked farmers to increase on the acreage in order to fully revive the factory.

He said that the factory has the capacity of crashing 8,000 tonnes of cane per day but the supply was much lower and asked farmers to support the factory by planting enough cane.

Mr. Ateka told KNA that the factory had shut down for maintenance but was due to open soon and that it will only operate to capacity if farmers provide enough cane.

He revealed that the factory was facing financial problems but however the government had moved in to bail it out and asked farmers to reciprocate by planting enough cane for crashing.

Mr. Ateka said that a head count of all staff would be carried out to establish the right number of employees of the company and to flash out ghost staff.

Mumias Sugar Factory was shut down three months ago for maintenance.

 By Catherine Nyongesa

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2 Responses to Mumias factory operating below capacity

  1. Kevin

    The CEO for Mumias Sugar is called Nashon Aseka, not Nahashon Ateka as you have written severally in your article

  2. phelisia

    Its quiet unfortunate that the once pride of Kenya sugar production is almost closing down.Most local farmers no longer want to waste their farms with no returns. Hoping for the best with government intervention.


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