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Murang’a commissioner assures peace during Jubilee Party nominations 

Murang’a County Commissioner Mr. John Elung’ata (centre) flanked by Murang’a County Police Commissioner Naomi Ichami (left) and Administration Police Commander Weston Mwamba. He has warned politicians against fueling chaos during nominations. Photo by Bernard Munyao

Politicians in Murang’a County have been warned against fueling chaos during Jubilee Party primaries slated for April 21.


Murang’a County Commissioner Mr. John Elung’ata said nobody would be allowed to disrupt daily lives of the residents and that police officers would be deployed to every polling station to ensure the activity was conducted peacefully.


Speaking in his office on Tuesday, the Commissioner wondered why Murang’a County was listed as a hot spot during nominations and General Elections.


“Murang’a has been a peaceful county and that will not change because of elections or nominations and we warn those planning to engage in any activity that may breach peace during nominations,” Elung’ata said.


“Friday will be a normal day like any other and people should be allowed to continue with their daily activities without any interference from politicians,” he added.


The Commissioner stressed that his security committee was not taking sides and every aspirant would be assisted by security officers.


“Nothing will happen in Murang’a without our notice and our work is to ensure lives of Murang’a residents are protected always,” he asserted.


Some politicians from the County have been associated with goons whom residents feared may cause conflicts during nominations.


In the past, conflicts occasioned by supporters of rival politicians have been witnessed in public functions.


Last week, a gubernatorial aspirant Jamleck Kamau alleged that some members of the County Security Committee were siding with his opponents, sentiments that were dismissed by Murang’a County Police Commander, Naomi Ichami.


Ichami, who attended the press briefing asked aspirants who felt threatened to report at nearest police stations.


“We are committed to accord each aspirant adequate security and those making wild allegations should stop as this may trigger tension among residents,” noted Ichami.


There are 584 polling stations in Murang’a which will be used for primaries with the police commander assuring that each would be manned by police officers.


“We don’t want to see chaos during nominations in Murang’a and let aspirants restrain their supporters from engaging in criminal activities,” she added.


By Bernard Munyao

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