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NCIC told not to concentrate on urban centres only 

Leaders in Samburu County have accused National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) of misusing funds on peace seminars in urban centres.
Led by Samburu West MP Naisula Lesuuda and Woman representative Maison Leshoomo, the leaders faulted NCIC for holding workshops in urban centres instead of going to rural areas where there is hostility and hatred among different communities.
They pointed out that the Ole Kaparo led commission may not achieve its mandate of solving communal conflicts and uniting people in Samburu and Laikipia counties if they did not change their approach.
Leshoomo accused the commission’s staff of being biased when it comes to addressing perennial conflicts over grazing land between herders and private land owners in Laikipia County.
“They have only talked to ranchers in their peace seminars in Laikipia County and have ignored herders I don’t see cohesion and reconciliation in their work,” Leshoomo said.
The woman representative therefore called upon the commission’s staff to stop wasting resources on peace seminars in towns, but instead go to conflict prone areas such as Samburu North and parts of Laikipia County to unite young men from different communities that are often fighting over livestock, pasture and water.
“That office is meant to foster peace and unite people; their seminars in towns will not yield any fruit. They are supposed to hold peace forums between groups of youths from different communities sharing pasture and water from one grazing field,” advised Leshoomo.
On her part, Lesuuda called upon NCIC to work closely with leaders from all communities in preaching peace and uniting communities living in conflict prone areas such as Baragoi and Amaiya among other places in Samburu County and some parts of Laikipia County.
The leaders also called upon the commission to ensure they anticipate a possible conflict and find a way of preventing it.
The dual were addressing journalists after attending a peace seminar that had been organised by NCIC for hundreds of women and youths in Maralal town.
In their defence, NCIC’s vice chair person commissioner Irine Njeri Wanyoike said the commission has been concentrating on Laikipia County for the better part of 2017.
“There has been some concentration in Laikipia because of the herders’ ranchers’ conflict. Baragoi has had its share of problems but when it was very bad we came here as NCIC to make sure people lived together harmoniously,” said Wanyoike.
By Robert Githu

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