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Police hold meeting with youth 

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As Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Party moves to stem anticipated incidents of violence during the ongoing nominations, police in Kisumu have resorted to non violent engagements to make the exercise peaceful.


Nyanza Regional Police Commander Willy Lugusa held a meeting with youth from the volatile Kondele in Kisumu to sensitise them on the need to maintain peace during ODM party nominations on  April 24, 2017 and during the August 8General elections.

Lugusa said it was unfortunate that over the years Kondele has been labelled as a hot spot in elections related violence.


He added that most of the violence is orchestrated by people from outside who are not residents of the area urging the youth to be on the lookout and report any person out to cause any disturbance during the electioneering period.

Nyanza Regional Police Commander Willy Lugusa speaking to youth from Kondele in Kisumu City.

Nyanza Regional Police Commander Willy Lugusa speaking to youth from Kondele in Kisumu City.


The Police Commander called for partnership between the youth and the police to ensure that peace is maintained during and after the elections.


Police, he said will not spare anybody found inciting people to violence regardless of their affiliations.

“We receive information everyday and I can assure you even some of these politicians who are out to use and incite the youth to violence will be behind bars before the August 8th General Elections,” he said.


He cautioned the youth against being used by politicians to cause disturbance and chaos during the campaigns.


He disclosed that several delegations had visited his office to enquire about measures put in place to safeguard their life and property during the electioneering period.


“As young people who reside here and do business here it is your duty to ensure that peace prevails so that we attract more investors,” he said.


The fear he said was likely to discourage investors to the lakeside city assuring area residents and investors of peace and protection during the party primaries and the August General elections.


Hesbon Otieno, one of the youth who spoke during the meeting said for peace to prevail, the organs overseeing the nominations must remain impartial and conduct transparent, free and fair elections.

If the process is flawed, he said it will be difficult to have peace urging the police to remain impartial as they deal with any situation that may arise.

“The constitution gives us the right to protest. Therefore we are urging police officers to respect that in case we are pushed to do so,” he said.


He further urged the police not to use excessive force and live bullets during protests to avoid loss of lives.

By Chris Mahandara

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