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Relief food thieves to be dealt with firmly, Kianda 

Garissa County Commissioner, James Kainda, speaks at Waberi West chiefs Office in Garissa town, Saturday, March 18, 2017. He has warned government officials against diverting relief food meant for hunger stricken residents.

Photos by Jacob Songok

Public officers found diverting relief food meant for hunger stricken Garissa County residents will be dealt with firmly, area commissioner James Kianda, has warned.
Speaking in Garissa town on Saturday during the official opening of Waberi West chief’s office; Kianda said the government was working tirelessly to ensure that all those in need of relief food received their ration.

“The government is doing its best to ensure all needy cases are attended to. We will not allow our people to starve as we watch,” he added.

Kianda said his office, in collaboration with the relevant stakeholders, was constantly reviewing the needs of those affected by the drought with a view of ensuring that cases of additional people in need of relief food assistance were taken care of.

He said the government had distributed 1000 bags of rice to each sub-county, between November 2016 and February 2017 adding that the number has been scaled up in worst hit areas.

He disputed a recent report that alleged that 60,000 people in Holugho sub-county were in dire need of relief food claiming that each sub-county was getting its fare share.

“It cannot be true that such a big number of people in a small area were badly affected. People should stop being alarmist because such reports only serve to cause panic among our people,” he said.

By Jacob Songok

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