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Robbers on motorbikes upsurge in Thika town 

Residents of Thika town are up in arms over the increase of robbers riding on motorbikes.

The residents have bitterly complained that the robbers pretend to be bodaboda operators but snatch valuables from their passengers and pedestrians.

The Chairman of boda boda operators in Makongeni Thika Sub-County, Simon Kanyugi Mburu, complained over the increased insecurity in the area, saying that urgent measures need to be taken to arrest the situation.

Mburu said that the robber’s attack their victim even during day light as they pretend to be boda boda operators, noting that the vice has adversely affected their business.

“We have put in place a boda boda Sacco where each member is registered, I ask our customers to ride on bodaboda which are registered in the Sacco so as to reduce the issues of robbery in the area,” said Mburu.

“Some of our customers say that they stop a motorbike to ask for services and later the operator steals from them,” added Mburu.

Mburu explained that in other cases the robbers pretend to be customers, they board a bodaboda after which they rob the operator, sometimes injuring them seriously.

“There are cases of motorbike theft in Umoja and Makongeni areas, but these cases are not as rampant as mugging of pedestrians,” said Mburu.

Douglas Nyagah, the section 9 bodaboda Chairman, said that the robbers usually ride in pairs using a motorbike mostly the Boxer make which is faster in speed.

“Recently there has been an increase of robberies mostly over weekends, they target pedestrians’ who are using their phone or even ladies carrying handbags. Their target is pedestrians who go to work at around 4.00 am and also around rush hour time,” he explained.

He said that the robbers wear face masks while robbing the pedestrians thus making it hard to identify them easily or even catch up with them.

“My message is to the County Government of Kiambu and the police in Thika to help catch the robbers and solve the crime as soon as possible because business has gone down and a lot of people don’t want to be served by us, fearing that we are robbers,” said Jonathan Kaaga, one of the operators.

Efforts to reach security agents in Thika Sub-county were futile as our reporters were informed they were held up in a meeting at the Kiambu County Commissioner’s office.

By  Sophia Mugambi


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