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State Offers Free Training to 10,000  Online Workers 

ICT CS Joe Mucheru

ICT cabinet Secretary Joe Mucheru has invited the youth to sign up for online work training which the ministry is set to roll out next month in various institutions across the country. In a press statement, Mr Mucheru announced that the ministry of ICT plans to conduct an introductory training sessions for new online workers that will see at least 10,000 youths acquire skills to earn a living through the internet. He encouraged illegible youths and job seekers to log onto and sign up for the available 10,000 slots. “The one-week residential training will be provided free of charge at various centres in Nairobi, Nakuru, Meru, Kisumu and Mombasa in June following a partnership agreement between the Ministry of ICT, Kenya Private Sector Alliance and Rockefeller Foundation who provided a USD 1 million financing support,” said Mr Mucheru, adding that the training is part of the government’s broader strategy to address youth unemployment. More than 40,000 Kenyans already work and earn a living through various online platforms but the demand for online workers continues to grow. The low awareness levels and lack of skills to navigate the online workspace have contributed to the low uptake of online work by Kenyans despite this sector having tremendous potential to address youth unemployment. “This training is intended to bridge the skills gap and increase the confidence and employability of new workers as they navigate the online work space,” Mr Mucheru said. The CS disclosed plans by his ministry to engage other government agencies and the private sector with a view to offload some of their work onto local digital platforms that can be accessed and completed by Kenyan online workers.He expressed optimism that the 10,000 youth that will be trained will help to mentor many more to take up online work as a career. The CS urged the private sector and other international organizations to come forward to support the training of more Kenyans on online work adding that Kenya has the potential to provide thousands of online workers and become the freelancing hub of the world. By KNA Team

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