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Student from poor family gets scholarship to study medicine 

Mzee  Wanje  Nyale (left) his son Daniel Sifa (centre) and Dr. Simon  Gicharu (right) on Monday  April 17, 2017 when he handed over a confirmation letter from Mount Kenya University committing to pay the student’s fees for one academic year. Photo by  Hussein Abdullahi/KNA.

A student in Kilifi County from an extremely poor family who wanted to sell his kidney to further his education has finally got a scholarship.

He will now be able to fulfill his dream of becoming a medical doctor after help came his way.

Daniel Sifa Wanje, 22, sat for his KCSE examinations in 2015 at Ribe Boys High School and scored B+ and was determined to sell his vital organs to help secure admission in Mount Kenya University.

The sixth born in a family of nine said abject poverty at home pushed him to the thought of selling one of his kidneys to enable him join a university of his choice and realise his dreams of becoming a medical doctor.

Mount Kenya University founder and Chairman, Dr. Simon Gicharu on Monday come to the aid of the distraught boy following public appeal for support.

Dr. Gicharu, who met the boy and his father, Wanje Nyale in Mombasa, said the university would allow him to realise his dreams and pursue bachelor of medicine and surgery.

“The University will cater for all his expenses, including tuition, hostel fees and out of pocket support for the first academic year,” he announced.

Dr. Gicharu said being poor should not be an excuse not to achieve one’s dreams in life.

“When I heard the family sending out a passionate appeal to well-wishers and the boy’s determination to sell one of his kidneys to help him achieve his education, I was touched,” he said.

“I said to myself that a medical doctor trainee should have all the vital organs including kidneys intact, and I have come to the rescue of this particular boy who wanted to sell part of his body to quench his thirst for higher education,” he went on.

It was a moment of joy for the father and son when they met Dr. Gicharu and received a commitment letter from Mount Kenya University making his dream of becoming a doctor come true.

“I will strive hard in earning a college degree and support my family and humanity,” said a jovial Wanje.

The 59 year old father shed tears of joy as he profusely thanked Dr. Gicharu and the University for the Scholarship that would guarantee his son admission to college.

He said his son is a very studious and determined boy who excelled from a backwater high school.

The father of nine children said he was poor and was unable to pay the university fees as three of his other children were also in secondary school.

By  Hussein  Abdullahi

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