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Supply of clean water to Maragua residents ongoing 

Murang’a Water and Sewerage Company (Muwasco) has expanded water connection to people living in Maragua town and its environs.

Muwasco Managing Director, Daniel Ng’ang’a said the company connected about 1, 000 households in Maragua with clean water last financial year.

Speaking during the company’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Murang’a town on Saturday, Ng’ang’a said about 85, 000 residents in Maragua need to be connected with water.

He said the company is mobilizing more funds to complete the project noting that they have increased water connection to over 76 percent of the population in their area of jurisdiction.

“The company is also embarking to put up a sewerage line in Maragua town and this project will be completed by mid-next year,” he added.

Residents of Maragua town in the past did not have access to clean water as many people got their supply directly from wells and rivers which was untreated.

Muwasco in Murang’a town has in the past two years connected households in Maragua, Kambiti and Sagana with clean water.

However, the expansion programme requires an estimated investment of over Shs. 1 billion which calls for a lot of resource mobilization. Ng’ang’a said the company with support from county government will be able to connect the target population with water.

He observed that the company has adequate water treatment capacity to meet current and future demand after the commissioning of the water project last year adding; the quality of water has also improved and complies with required standards.

Despite the completion of the gravity system, Ng’ang’a noted that the cost of production has remained high due to rising input prices and increased production.

“The operation and maintenance cost has also continued to increase due to old dilapidated network and this is a challenge as we aspire to serve more customers and reduce water losses,” he said.

High operation costs pushed the company to increase water tariffs a year ago with Murang’a town residents objecting the move which saw demonstrations staged against the hiked water rates.

The residents complained that Murang’a County has many natural rivers but their water costs are higher than in neighbouring counties.

Ng’ang’a said the rates were agreed upon by all stakeholders after broad consultations.

By  Bernard Munyao


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