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Kwale Cultural Centre.

Centre roots for translation of laws passed by County Assembly into vernacular

Kwale residents’ challenge in following the County Assembly business due to language barriers may soon be a thing of the past if a proposal to have its resolutions translated into vernacular is approved. The Duruma and Digo Translation and Literacy Centre seeks to have all laws and policies passed by the Assembly progressively translated into local languages to make ...Full Article

Leaders pledge to deliver 70 percent of votes for Uhuru  in  Kwale

Jubilee  nominees from Kwale County have vowed to deliver 70 per cent of votes in the region to boost President Uhuru’s re-election bid in the August 8 general elections. ...Full Article

County unveils education airlift initiative

It  is reminiscent of the famous education airlift program organized by legendary post-independence politician Tom Mboya, through which hundreds of Kenyan students were  flown to the US to study ...Full Article

Thorough Investigations To Be Made Over Bank Fraud

Thorough investigations will be conducted by the Banking Fraud Unit following the unscrupulous withdrawal of sh. 387,000 belonging to Kwale Cultural Centre. According to Kwale Cultural Interim Chairman, Mr. ...Full Article