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Turkana Governor and Childrens’ NGO launch chlorine-free water boreholes 

Governor Josephat Nanok commissions a borehole in Lodwar 
Photo  by Peter Gitonga

Governor Josephat Nanok on Wednesday afternoon commissioned a borehole that will provide safe drinking water to residents of Lodwar town and its environs.

The borehole will provide water to Nakwamekwi residents who had a water problem for a long period.

“The Ministry of Water will do piping to all villages in Nakwamekwi. I shall come to ensure the piping is done in few weeks,” said Nanok.

The governor also oversaw the commissioning of chlorine dosing pumps through the support of Save the Children organisation.

“I appeal that the support be extended to address other boreholes serving Lodwar town and Kanamkemer,” he said.

A billboard on a borehole with chlorine dosing pumps funded by Save the Children organisation  Photo  by Peter Gitonga

A billboard on a borehole with chlorine dosing pumps funded by Save the Children organisation
Photo by Peter Gitonga

He directed the Ministry of Water to install a larger water tank in Lodwar to ensure all people have water when there is a power outage.

He added that the county is in the process of gazetting Lodwar to a municipality to provide better services.

Further, the county boss said the ministry of water was in the process of establishing a new water board and warned civil servants who fail to discharge their duties that they will be dealt with in accordance to the law.

Speaking at the event, Water county executive committee member Chris Aletia said the three chlorine doses are the first to be donated by Save the Children and commended the organisation for the noble venture.

“We have used our own rig as a county and found more than 50 cubic metres of water. We plan to buy more rigs to ensure our people are water secure.

Aletia also appealed to the county assembly to ensure the water budget is passed when it is presented to the assembly by the executive.

He lauded Oxfam, Save the Children, Millennium Water Alliance and UNICEF for supporting water projects.

Save the Children representative said the organisation is honoured to partner with the county government to provide water to the residents and expressed the organisation’s commitment to supporting future projects.

The project is the first to be launched by the governor since he was re-elected.

County Secretary Peter Eripete said the county is willing to engage with development partners and ready to be subjected to accountability.

Lodwar Township MCA Robert Lowoko said four more boreholes in Nakwamekwi should be completed.

“There are allegations of abuse of funds meant for piping but I am willing to work with the executive to ensure that the boreholes are operational,” said Lowoko.

Access to safe drinking water has been a major challenge to the county residents for many years.
By Peter Gitonga

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