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Unemployed youth fined for touting 

Some of the young men who were charged with touting and causing annoyance to members of the public in Kiambu town, Ndumberi and banana. Photo by Lydia Shiroya - KNA

Sixty young men who were found touting in various parts of Kiambu town were Monday fined a total of shs.120, 000 by a Kiambu court.

The young men appeared before Kiambu Resident Magistrate, Simon  Arome and were each fined sh2000 on their own plea of guilty.

They had pleaded guilty to touting in Banana, Ndumberi, Thindigua, Kiambu town and Kirigiti areas.

Area member of the County Assembly (MCA), James Njenga (aka) Man Njenga paid half of the fine while the accused paid the balance and were set free.

Talking to KNA outside the court immediately after the release of the accused persons, Njenga defended the young men, saying they were innocent citizens trying to eke a living as they could not continue depending on their ageing and poor parents.

He said some were sole bread winners in their families and could just not sit back and wait for “manna to come from heaven”

“These young men lack proper employment and we should sympathize with them and allow them to engage in the transport or any other sector so long they are doing clean business,” he said.

By  Lydia  Shiroya

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