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Youth Program Deters Drugs Abuse 

Director General - NYS issuing tools of trade to the youth in the Youth Empowerment programme when he launched the project at the Danson Mwanyumba Stadium

The Director General of the National Youth Service Richard Ndubai has hailed the Youth Empowerment programme as a great deterrent to idleness and drug abuse among the youth.

Ndubai said the programme has successfully deterred those initiated into the project from dealing in drugs and illicit brews.

The Director General noted that the youth who used to while their time in drug dens are now engaged in meaningful activities which bring food to the table for their families.

  Richard Ndubai the National Youth Service director general shaking a leg with some of the youth recruited into the Youth Empowerment programme in Wundanyi.

Richard Ndubai the National Youth Service director general shaking a leg with some of the youth recruited into the Youth Empowerment programme in Wundanyi.

“The launch of these projects is noble and we commend the president for his visionary and timely intervention to help transform the lives of the youth. The project will give the youth an opportunity to actualize themselves,” said director general.

Ndubai said the government was proud that the project which has been rolled out in 120 constituencies has made a big impact on the lives of those employed and their siblings.

“We are only left with Magarini, Msambweni, Rabai and Kaloleni constituencies in Coast. The projects will be implemented next week,” he further said.

“The youth empowerment programme is focusing more on the youth and not politics as claimed by other quarters. We are not campaigning for President Kenyatta re-election bid but only acknowledging what the government is doing to transform lives of Kenyans,” he said.

Ndubai made these remarks this morning while he launched the Youth Empowerment Programme for the Wundanyi constituency at the Dawson Mwanyumba stadium which has recruited 900 youth each from four constituencies in Taita Taveta County.

The DG said the NYS recruits would engage in the rehabilitation of rural access roads, de-silting of water pans and dams and drilling of boreholes.

They will also be engaged in vector control, ensuring that the environment was clean apart from assisting the provincial administration in curbing drugs and illicit brews and general crime.

He noted that the initiative aimed at transforming the youth into a disciplined and organized man-power expected to support government in nation building.

Ndubai said the programme was at the same time expected to cultivate the culture of saving amongst the youth besides giving them weekly wages and was not a campaign tool as claimed by other quarters adding that the idea started in 2014 when elections were not in sight.

The DG praised the Jubilee government for striving to address pertinent issues affecting the youth unlike successive governments.

“We are not campaigning for President Kenyatta’s re-election bid but acknowledging what he has done for the Kenyan youth. Kenyans should fully support the project irrespective of party affiliation,” maintained Ndubai.

“The programme is of socio-economic value to the youth in the service of the nation”, he told local leaders and 900 NYS recruits that the Head of State had done a lot to the youth in the country and should be supported.

“The Kenya youth programme model is different from other countries which have visited us to see for themselves what we are doing is different not like in Ghana and Uganda.

We promote resource pooling in order for the youth to collectively own capital from their small earnings and small saving, hence being transformed  from earners of wages to owners of capital,” said the DG.

He said under the programme the youth will work together in work programmes and through the principles of social movement and bonding.

Taita Deputy County Commissioner Francis Kazungu who accompanied the DG challenged the youth to desist from acts of lawlessness during this electioneering period.

He at the same time told the youth to reject leaders who incite them into violence.

The Jubilee Party aspirant for the Wundanyi parliamentary seat Simon Mwachia and a women’s leader Fridah Mwadime urged the local youth to support President Kenyatta re-election bid.

The leaders said Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto had done a lot of development and should be re-elected.

Mwachia noted that the programme would impact positively on the lives of the local community whose large population is living below the poverty line.

“The project will have a multiplier effect on the lives of the local community and should be supported by all,” added he.


By Fatuma Jumeah 



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